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Fountain and Pond Cleaning
An Economical and Eco-Friendly Method

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Pond and fountain cleaning is more than one of our specialties —
it’s the cornerstone of Rock and Waterfall’s business.

New, portable filtration equipment makes it possible to clean your pond or fountain without draining the water and endangering fish stocks. The bottom of your pond is vacuumed to suck up accumulated dirt and debris which is filtered through our portable filter. Clean, clear water is returned to your pond or fountain. This is good news for pond and fountain owners in this time of drought! Here are some of the advantages of Rock & Waterfall’s new portable cleaning filter:

  • This cleaning system saves water and money, eliminating the need to empty and refill your pond — a costly practice that wastes limited water resources and raises your water bill.
  • It also eliminates the need to remove your fish and put them into temporary holding tanks, a practice that always puts fish at risk.
  • In the San Francisco Bay area it is now illegal to discharge the debris-filled water into a storm drain on the street that ultimately drains into the bay. Rock and Waterfall’s new water filtration system eliminates that harmful practice.
  • It helps avoid the nitrite-nitrate cycle that is toxic to fish.

Rock & Waterfall Portable Cleaning System

After cleaning, some temporary turbidity or clouding of the water is to be expected as fine particulates are stirred into suspension during the cleaning process. However, this cleaning system keeps turbidity to a minimum. It takes about a day for those particulates to fall back out of suspension, leaving the water clean and clear.

Keep in mind that with new accounts, it may be necessary to drain and clean the water feature, particularly if it has been neglected. Once that's been done, it is possible to use our portable cleaning system as we maintain your pond or fountain.

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The Rock and Waterfall Company has a passion for clean, clear water!
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