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Professional Water Feature Maintenance

Mineral Deposit Removal
and Water Feature Restoration
Eventually, all fountains and water features succumb to the minerals in the water, which deposit themselves through a process of evaporation, mineral concentration and crystallization to form unsightly deposits on rock formations and other components.
Sometimes, out of frustration, owners have actually discarded their water features' rocks and boulders because they could not be adequately cleaned an extreme measure, in our view. Some of these water features were beautiful and obviously expensive, and what was once an eye-catching expression of beauty became an eyesore that was impossible to hide.

Throughout the years, as a part of our professional water feature maintenance, Rock & Waterfall has developed methods to return stained and mineral encrusted water features to like-new condition. Calcium and other mineral deposits are difficult to remove with scrubbing, alone. So, we have researched different chemical formulas over the years to help dissolve and remove the discoloration of mineral deposits. Rock & Waterfall has developed a physical system and chemical formula that actually restores old discolored and mineral-covered boulders to look almost new. With some modifications, we discovered

Where Do Mineral Deposits
Come From?

Even the cleanest water contains dissolved solids that are typically comprised of calcium, phosphates, nitrates, sodium and other metals. As water travels from its source to your tap, these are dissolved into the water naturally through contact with mineral-containing rock and other sources, including piping. They come in a variety of chemical combinations, like calcium carbonate and iron oxide. Over time, evaporation causes these compounds to concentrate to surprisingly high levels in the water until they reach a point of saturation. That's when the water can't hold any more of the minerals, and they begin to crystallize and deposit on rocks, and other areas in the fountain or water feature where there is a high evaporation rate. When allowed to accumulate, these deposits can be very difficult to remove. Some minerals, like iron and copper salts, will cause unsightly stains.
that the formula also works well on stainless steel and aluminum water features. Rock & Waterfall uses eco-friendly techniques and chemical formulas that are approved by the State of California for use in the environment.

In conjunction with removing the mineral deposits we also help prevent the recurrence of future discoloration and deposits. By treating the water with another formula developed specifically to keep the minerals in the water from coming out of solution and depositing on your water feature.

A beautiful water feature is more than clear, clean water. It also has to be free of mineral deposits to look its very best! Rock & Waterfall is ready to renew and restore your discolored and mineral-encrusted water feature.

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